Kalisi Launches New Eyelash Growth Serum For Busy Moms

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) May 06, 2015

Kalisi Cosmetics, the beauty company that creates all natural products for woman has just launched Skyhigh Lashes, a brand new eyelash growth serum, targeted for busy moms without enough time for makeup. Kalisi Cosmetics believes that Kalisi Skyhigh Lashes is the safest and most effective solution to what most women desire: to naturally grow thick, long, eyelashes in just weeks. Kalisi aims to provide that to women everywhere with this new, all natural serum.

In addition to its affordable 35$ price tag, here are some reasons SkyHigh is becoming one of the most sought after growth serums on the market.

This is an all natural serum promoting eyelash growth. Only safe, natural ingredients are used. Compared to other companies using harsh chemicals with potential side effects such as irritation and eyelid discoloration, this serum is 100% natural, and comes with a complete ingredients list.

It will naturally promote eyelash growth and ultimately avoid the damage caused by eyelash curlers, eyelash tint, or eyelash extensions. “Users have documented a 30% increase of growth and thickness, in as little as 3 weeks” Says Rachel Levy, CEO for Kalisi.

When ordering a 3 ml bottle of KALISI SkyHigh Lashes you’ll receive a gift of false eyelashes. (Eyelash glue not included). The false eyelashes are a glamorous bonus to use while waiting for the real eyelashes to grow. “With every bottle we give away a gift, to say thank you” Says Levi.

The launch of the serum also offers a no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee. “Our customers should feel secure with their purchase. A 30 day, money back guarantee seems only natural ” Says Levi.

You can read the full product description, shipping information and all the 5 star verified reviews at Kalisi Cosmetics’ Amazon site.

Go to Kalisi Cosmetics’ Amazon website now for more info..

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