FasterHouse, LLC Offers Innovative Rent Payment System Online

St. Charles, MO (PRWEB) April 13, 2015

Renting a home in Missouri is easier than ever now thanks to FasterHouse, LLC’s new online payment option.

As of April 1, FasterHouse, LLC’s tenants can pay their rent online with any device — be it their laptops, smartphones, or tablets.

“We found that this is a great way to fill a need for our tenants,” says Bryan Schroeder, the Owner of FasterHouse, LLC. “RentTrack has a reputation of being very user-friendly and having an excellent customer service department to help those who need it. We believe it will make the lives of our tenants much easier when it comes to paying their monthly rent.”

FasterHouse, LLC contracted with RentTrack to provide this easy and convenient payment method. Tenants can pay their rent with an e-check using their bank account or with a credit card. It also allows tenants to set up automated, recurring payments each month so that their rent is automatically taken care of, thus eliminating the chance of being late.

RentTrack can also help tenants take care of their credit score. Not only does it have a feature that lets tenants view their credit scores, RentTrack also reports each on-time rent payment to major credit bureaus as a way to help them improve their credit score. This particular feature is attractive to tenants who wish to Rent-to-Own their homes.

“The majority of our Rent to Own tenants are unable to buy a home because of past issues with their credit,” said Debbie Schroeder, director of the property management division of FasterHouse, LLC. “If they create a history of paying rent on time while they are living in a home they hope to purchase, they can improve their credit rating much more rapidly. We see this business relationship with RentTrack as an excellent way to help tenants take control of their credit standing.”

About FasterHouse, LLC

FasterHouse buys, sells, and rents homes in the St. Louis area. Specializing in no-hassle, convenient and dependable services, FasterHouse helps home owners sell their homes quickly or buy move-in ready properties. Faster House also gives families the opportunity to rent or rent-to-own quality homes throughout St. Louis and St. Charles Counties. To learn more, visit

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