President Obama Speaks on Student Loan Interest Rates

With less than 10 days left for Congress to prevent interest rates on student loans from doubling, President Obama calls on students to tell lawmakers: double down on America’s future, don’t double my rates.

Follow us @ Welcome to Capital Account. Let’s twist again…like we did last September. The Federal Reserve announced today that it will be extending operation twist — it’s effort to twit the yield curve and keep long-term interest rates low by selling short-dated securities and buying long-term treasuries. It’s just more free market arm-twisting, and the Fed says it’s willing to do more. Sounds like more threats! And whales have been popular, but what about “operation humpback whale…” What is this? Well, how ‘about the Fed buy both the long, as well as the short end of the curve, and sell a bunch of the bonds in the middle? We’ll float that idea to our guest Jim Rickards, later in the show. He believes that the same force behind too-big-to-fail banks that is driving anti-competitive behavior on Wall Street is also responsible for driving monopolistic practices in government. And last but not least, there is Loose Change, and a story you won’t want to miss: Mickey Mouse spotted on Mercury! That’s right, but what does this intergalactic phenomenon have to do with market trends? Demetri and Lauren will give you their two cents at the end of our show!
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  1. videoppressor says:

    Love you guys! Like we say in spanish “No tienen pelos en la lengua” (No hairs on your tongue). Great news report!

  2. stbartels12 says:

    Also amend the Constitution that states the Federal and State Governments cannot borrow from any person(s), business of any kind foreign or domestic. Or any government foreign or domestic. Thomas Jefferson wanted to have an amendment so the Federal Gov’t couldn’t borrow.

  3. stbartels12 says:

    End the Fed! Get the Gov’t OUT of the economy. More gov’t will NOT solve our, this world’s problem. Less gov’t is the only solution.

  4. brown55061 says:

    This was an excellent EXCELLENT interview. The explanation Jim gave on Glass Stegall, Dimon and Bernanke was simplistic and true. As for the BK, their flame broiled flavor gives me diarrhea, when it’s not making me vomit in my mouth. These fast food places actually get sued because their meat doesn’t even have meat in it lol. I eat fast food maybe twice a month. Bleehh!

  5. brown55061 says:

    Jim is a pretty smart cat. I don’t think that’s what he really meant, just that it was in the IMF and Euro’s best interest that Greece is kept in the club if they wanted to grow the Euro zone participation. They can print and ease just like the Fed, just on a more complex scale. I think Jim realizes that in this centralized paradigm you can make a lot of money if you know how to play their games. It will end regardless if we stop the money printers so mize well profit from it.

  6. TheBobStudio says:

    Jew, Iran & USA :

    1. Most of the Jewish neocons served under Bush are now on Romney’s campaign.

    2. Ron Paul has no Jewish neocons on his campaign.

    Conclusion :

    No Jews can manipulate Ron Paul to send Americans to war & death for Israel.

  7. ntycplyst says:

    gop = party of hate, fear, and more $ to the rich
    anti-immigration = racism. see pic of ron paul with neo nazi owner of stormfront
    littlegreenfootballs . com / weblog / ? entry = 28353
    ron paul=libertarian=david koch=tea party=free markets (ie worship of the market, instead of seeing that it’s ppl that provide for ppl, not the market [which exists so the rich can exist], and no one is independent)=the recent housing crisis=free reign for the rich=wage slavery or homelessness for everyone else”

  8. dishesdealer417 says:

    He thinks that the Greeks did the right thing by re-affirming their slavery to the criminal banking families like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds???

  9. k9griffin9 says:

    hum, new label for ” them which say they are jews, and are not, but are of the synagogue of satan ” (rent seekers)

  10. 408Magenta says:

    Of course Greece will not quit the Euro with all the freebies coming but one day soon, Greece will have to pay for all of this, currently plus much more so we will see then another CRISIS!!

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