Canceling credit cards may sound wise, but is it?

Move may have helped reader get mortgage, but may hurt in long run


Free Credit Card Tips

You can negotiate with an existing credit card issuer for a lower rate. Call customer service and ask!
Shop around for the credit card that best fits your needs; low annual fee if you pay in full, low interest rate if you carry a balance.
Make sure you understand a credit card’s terms before you accept the credit card.
Pay bills promptly to keep finance and other charges to a minimum.
If you pay late your APR can be raised!
Hold on to receipts to reconcile charges when your credit card bill arrives.
Protect your cards and account numbers to prevent unauthorized use.
Draw a line through blank spaces on charge slips so the amount can’t be changed.
Tear up carbons.
Keep a record, in a safe place separate from your cards, of your account numbers, expiration dates,
and the phone numbers of each issuer to report a loss quickly.
Carry only the credit cards you think you’ll use.

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