3 Reasons to Start Paying Off Your Credit Card Debt Now

3 Reasons to Start Paying Off Your Credit Card Debt Now
Paying down your debt faster will save you big time in interest costs. Let's do the math: Say you owe $ 6,000 on a credit card at 18% interest with a minimum payment of $ 120 a month. If you make only the minimum payment, it will take you seven years …
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Bill to Reduce Credit Card Interest Rate Cap to 12.5% Voted Down in Colorado
A move to cap the interest rate on credit cards at 12.5% in Colorado was soundly defeated on Monday. The current cap is at 21%. The vote in the Republican-controlled Senate Business, Labor and Technology Committee was 6-1 against the bill. Senate Bill …
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3 Ways to Pay Off Your Debt the Right Way
Paying the absolute minimum means it could take years to pay off the amount owed, particularly if the credit card has a high interest rate. That's good for the lender, but it's a pretty raw deal for borrowers. Rather than making that low monthly …
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