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IMCA Members Weigh in on Timing, Impact of Rising Interest Rates

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With the Fed on track to raise interest rates in the foreseeable future, advisors and investors are strategizing about how to retool portfolios to minimize the impact. IMCA members offered their views about the timing and amount of a rate hike along with possible portfolio protection strategies in a June 2015 survey. Views include:

The right time? More than half (55 percent) of IMCA members think now is the right time to move forward with a rate hike while 28 percent disagree, saying the economy is still too fragile after a weak first quarter.

If not now, when? 63 percent think the Fed will raise rates by fall 2015 while 31 percent say rates won’t rise until 2016.

Portfolio insulation. Approximately one-third of IMCA members are allocating more to equities, 30 percent are shifting portfolios toward alternatives and 11 percent plan to buy more bonds if prices decline.

How much? 82 percent of IMCA members think rates will increase by 25 basis points while only 6 percent of IMCA members surveyed anticipate a 50-basis-point increase. Several respondents agree with Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell’s assessment that a dual rate increase may be necessary.

“Six years into expansion, the Fed needs to move rates off the zero bound to begin to create some dry powder for the next downturn,” one IMCA member wrote in response to a question about whether now is the right time to raise rates. “Moderately higher rates phased in raised at a measured pace shouldn’t derail the expansion,”

Click here for more information. Survey findings are based on 236 responses from IMCA members.

Contact: Ryan Hoffman, Communications Director. P: 303.850.3079 Email: rhoffman(at)imca.org. Twitter: @IMCA.

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